Unveiling the Calvin Klein Women’s Lux Blazer:
Petite, Standard, & Plus, it’s a workwear must-have!

Welcome to our blog, where we delve into the world of fashion and‍ review the latest trends and products. Today,‌ we are excited to share our‌ first-hand experience with the Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux Blazer, available in petite, ​standard, and ‍plus sizes.

As fashion ⁤enthusiasts, we understand the importance‍ of having a versatile ‌and sophisticated blazer in your wardrobe.⁣ Whether ‌you’re heading to a business meeting or want to elevate your casual attire,‍ a well-fitted blazer can effortlessly⁢ add a ⁢touch of polish ​to any outfit. That’s why we​ were excited to ⁣try out the Calvin ​Klein Women’s Two Button Lux ​Blazer.

What initially caught our attention was the sleek and minimalist design ‌of this blazer. ⁣Calvin Klein has always​ been known for​ their attention to detail, and this blazer is ⁤no exception. ‌The two-button closure adds a classic⁤ touch, while the luxe fabric ⁤gives it an undeniable air of sophistication.

When it​ comes to fit, we were pleasantly ⁢surprised by the options⁣ available – petite, standard, and plus sizes. Finding a ⁢blazer that⁤ fits perfectly can be‌ a challenge, but Calvin Klein seems to understand the varying body​ types and has addressed that with their size options. In our experience, the blazer hugged our curves in all ⁢the right places, creating a flattering silhouette.

The package ​dimensions of 16.54 x 12.87 x 2.99 inches⁤ indicate that this ‍blazer is delivered in a compact and tidy‌ manner. This is particularly important for those who‌ prefer their purchases to ⁣arrive in pristine condition.

Overall, our first impressions of the ‍Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux Blazer are extremely positive. The ​combination of a timeless design, multiple size options, and attention to detail make it a workwear essential that we would highly recommend.

Stay tuned for our ⁣in-depth⁢ review, ⁤as we delve into the finer details of this​ blazer and explore its versatility in ‌different outfits. Trust us when we say, this blazer is not just a staple, but ​a game-changer in ⁤any wardrobe.

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Unveiling the Calvin Klein Women's Lux⁤ Blazer:<br title= Petite, Standard, & Plus, it’s a workwear‌ must-have!”>

In our review of​ the Calvin Klein Women’s ⁢Two Button Lux‍ Blazer,‍ we found it to be⁤ a workwear essential⁢ that exudes​ sophistication and​ style. ​This blazer is available in petite, standard, and plus sizes, ensuring a perfect‌ fit for every body type.

The package dimensions of this‍ blazer are ‌16.54 x⁤ 12.87 x 2.99 ‌inches, making it compact and easy to⁣ store. It weighs approximately 1.14 pounds, which adds to its lightweight⁢ and comfortable feel when worn. The item model number is 887345054963, allowing for easy identification and ordering.

This ⁤blazer is specifically designed for women, catering to the needs and preferences of the modern working woman. Its date​ of first⁣ availability ⁤is September 3, 2019, showing its popularity and longevity in the market. ⁣The manufacturer, Calvin Klein, is ‌renowned for its high-quality‌ and ‌fashion-forward clothing.

Overall, ‌the Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux Blazer is a versatile and timeless piece that can elevate any professional outfit. It combines impeccable tailoring, a flattering⁢ fit, and the Calvin Klein brand’s signature style. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe, we highly recommend checking out this blazer⁢ on Amazon.

Highlighting the Key Features

Unveiling the Calvin Klein Women's ​Lux Blazer:<br title= Petite, Standard, ‍&‌ Plus, it’s⁢ a workwear must-have!”>

When it comes to workwear, the Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux‌ Blazer​ is an⁢ absolute ⁢essential for us. This blazer is available in three different ⁣sizes:⁢ Petite, Standard, and Plus,⁤ ensuring ‍that⁢ there is a perfect fit for everyone.⁣

The package dimensions of this blazer are 16.54 x 12.87 x 2.99 inches, making it a compact and lightweight ⁤option. It weighs just 1.14⁤ pounds, so ⁤it won’t weigh you down throughout your busy day. The item model number is 887345054963, making it easy to reference and identify.

One of the standout ⁣features of this ⁣blazer⁣ is its​ impeccable quality and design. It is manufactured by Calvin Klein, a trusted brand known for their attention to detail and ‌commitment to style. The ASIN is ​B00HHGRHD8, allowing for easy online ordering.

With its classic two-button closure and luxe fabric, ‌this blazer is both versatile and sophisticated. It’s perfect for pairing with​ dress pants or skirts, instantly elevating any professional outfit.⁣ The blazer is designed​ for women’s wear, specifically in the department of womens. It ⁤was⁤ first ⁤available on September ⁣3, 2019, and has since become a go-to choice for those in need⁤ of a stylish and reliable blazer.

To experience the timeless elegance of the Calvin Klein ⁣Women’s Two Button Lux ‍Blazer, visit our Amazon link and make your purchase today!

In-depth Analysis and Recommendation

Unveiling ⁣the ​Calvin Klein Women's Lux Blazer:<br title= Petite, ⁣Standard,⁢ & Plus, ⁤it’s a workwear must-have!”>

When it comes to workwear essentials, the Calvin Klein Women’s Two ‌Button Lux Blazer is at the top⁣ of our ​list. Available in petite, ⁤standard, and plus sizes, this blazer is versatile and tailored ⁣to fit​ different body types.⁤

One of the standout⁤ features of this blazer is its⁣ impeccable construction and attention ⁣to detail. The two-button⁢ design adds a touch ‍of ⁢sophistication, while the luxe‌ fabric gives it a polished and professional look. It’s perfect for those formal ‍office settings or ‌important business meetings.

The blazer is made from‍ high-quality materials, ensuring durability and​ long-lasting ⁤wear. The package dimensions are 16.54 x 12.87 x 2.99 inches, making it easy to ⁣store and travel with. The ​item model number is 887345054963, allowing for quick and easy‍ online shopping.

For those who ‍value brand reputation, the Calvin Klein⁣ label speaks for itself. Known for their timeless and elegant designs, Calvin Klein is a trusted name in ​the fashion industry. This blazer is no exception and is designed to make you feel confident ⁢and stylish at ​all times.

Overall, we highly recommend the Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux Blazer‍ for anyone in need of​ a versatile and well-crafted addition to their​ work wardrobe.⁢ Whether you’re petite, standard, or‌ plus-sized, this blazer is sure to elevate any‌ outfit and ‌leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss out ‍on this must-have fashion piece, click here to purchase it on Amazon now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Unveiling the Calvin Klein Women's Lux Blazer:<br title= Petite, Standard, & Plus, it’s a workwear must-have!”>

Customer‌ Reviews Analysis

When it comes to the ⁣Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux⁢ Blazer, our⁣ customers have a lot to ‍say. We’ve gathered some of their ⁣reviews to give you a comprehensive‍ analysis of this workwear must-have.

“The⁢ material and color are nice. It’s lined and hits⁣ just right at the ⁢waist. HAPPY.”

This positive review highlights the quality of the material‌ and the flattering fit of the blazer. ⁢The customer seems satisfied with ⁢their purchase.

“Very well tailored, very nice fit, updated but classic. Love it.”

This review emphasizes the ​impeccable tailoring of the⁣ blazer and ⁤praises​ its modern yet timeless design. The customer clearly adores their purchase.

“It is a nice blazer, good quality of the fabric.”

Here, the customer appreciates the ⁤overall ⁢quality of ⁤the blazer and compliments the fabric used. ⁤This review reassures potential buyers about the product’s durability.

“Ladies – this is a great blazer! I’m 36, 5’3, probably a buck fifty and a⁣ size ⁤10 fits me great…”

With this detailed review, the customer shares their⁣ personal experience with the blazer. They mention their body measurements and ‌explain how well the blazer fits them,​ even when wearing layers underneath. They also express ‌their excitement about finding the perfect blazer and consider it a smart investment.

“Love heather taupe color, ​classic style, and petite fit. The fabric holds its ​shape and doesn’t wrinkle.”

This review focuses on the color options and petite fit available for the blazer. ‍The ‍customer is⁣ pleased with the classic ⁢style, reliable fabric quality, and wrinkle-resistant ⁤properties of the blazer.

“This was actually too large and boxy⁢ through ‍the middle. That never happens to me…”

In this review, the customer mentions experiencing an unexpected fit‍ issue. They state that the blazer⁣ was ‌too large‍ and boxy, contrary to their usual experience. However, they highlight the excellent material and‍ fit in other areas, such as the shoulders and arms. This ⁢review provides a ⁤balanced perspective on the blazer’s fit.

“This is a beautiful ⁣jacket fits great except it ⁣is a size too small ⁢for me…”

Despite the ‌customer’s satisfaction with the overall appearance and fit ⁤of the⁢ blazer, they​ mention that they need to exchange it for a larger size. This review demonstrates that the blazer’s beauty does not compensate for‌ sizing discrepancies.

“I’m not​ a blazer girl but Calvin Klein has changed that! I love this blazer…”

This enthusiastic review shares a personal transformation regarding the customer’s perception of blazers. They‍ express their ⁤love for the Calvin⁢ Klein blazer, especially enjoying its versatility throughout different seasons. They provide insights on sizing up for layering purposes ⁢but mention the⁢ slight ⁢drawback of longer sleeves. The customer also wishes for the⁣ inclusion of‌ pockets or at least an interior⁢ pocket. They mention washing the blazer in a delicate cycle, which could be a useful tip for potential buyers.

“Since I’m petite, it⁢ is difficult to find something that ​fits!! Or at least I like the​ way it ⁢fits LOL…”

This light-hearted review brings attention⁤ to the struggles of petite individuals finding well-fitting clothing. The customer expresses their happiness with the blazer’s perfect fit, indicating that their purchase ⁢solved⁢ their​ fitting woes.

“As many stated, the arms ​are too long for petite-sized​ clothing…”

Here, the customer acknowledges a common issue raised by other‌ customers‌ — ⁤the blazer’s arms being⁣ too long for petite sizes.‍ However, they provide their own body measurements‍ and mention that the⁢ blazer still fits well for them. This review adds further insights ⁤into the blazer’s‌ fit on ⁣petite individuals.

“Great quality at a good price.”

This concise review focuses on the blazer’s quality and affordability. The customer is satisfied with the value they received for their money.

“Hermoso, fino, elegante, buena ⁤calidad.”

This brief review expresses appreciation​ for⁤ the blazer’s beauty, refinement, elegance, and‍ good quality. The customer’s positive sentiment is evident in their words.

Review Summary Positive⁢ Aspects Negative Aspects
The material and color are nice. It’s lined and⁣ hits just ‍right at the⁢ waist. HAPPY. Material quality, color, flattering waist fit N/A
Very well tailored, very nice fit, updated but classic. Love⁣ it. Impeccable tailoring, modern yet classic design N/A
It is a nice blazer, ⁢good quality of the fabric. Good fabric quality N/A
Ladies – this is‍ a great blazer!‌ I’m 36, 5’3, probably a buck​ fifty and a size 10 ‍fits me great… Perfect fit for ⁢specified measurements, comfortable, professional appearance N/A
Love heather taupe color, classic style, and petite fit. The fabric holds ‍its shape⁤ and doesn’t wrinkle. Color ⁣options, classic⁢ style, reliable fabric quality, wrinkle resistance N/A
This was actually too large​ and boxy through the middle. That never happens to me… Material ​quality, fit in shoulders and arms Boxy fit through the middle
This is a beautiful​ jacket fits great except it is a ‌size too ​small for me… Overall beautiful appearance, good fit (except size) Size too small
I’m not a blazer girl but Calvin Klein ‌has changed that! ⁤I love this blazer… Versatility, ease of dressing up, compliments, durable fabric, washing tip Sizing up‍ resulted in slightly longer sleeves, lack of pockets
Since I’m petite, it is difficult to find something that ‍fits!! ‌Or at least I ​like the way it fits LOL… Perfect fit for petite individuals N/A
As many stated, the arms are too long for petite-sized clothing… N/A Arms too long for petite sizes
Great quality at a good⁣ price. Good quality, affordability N/A
Hermoso, fino, elegante, buena calidad. Beauty, refinement, elegance, good quality N/A

While ‍the ​majority of customers praised the material quality, flattering fit, and classic style of the‌ Calvin Klein Women’s Two⁢ Button Lux Blazer, there were some reported ​issues with sizing. ‌Several petite customers mentioned ⁢that the blazer’s arms were too⁢ long ⁤for their size. However, it is important to note that not all petite customers experienced this problem, as seen in one positive review. Additionally, a few customers suggested adding pockets for added ⁣functionality.

Overall, the Calvin Klein Women’s Two‌ Button Lux Blazer receives high praise for its‍ material quality,⁢ stylish design, and versatility in professional settings. Just keep‍ in mind the potential sizing discrepancies for petite individuals and the absence of pockets when making your purchase decision.

Pros‌ & Cons

Unveiling the Calvin Klein Women's Lux Blazer:<br title= Petite, Standard, & Plus, it’s a‌ workwear must-have!”>


Pros Cons
1. Stylish and sophisticated design. 1. Limited color options available.
2. Made from high-quality materials for durability. 2. Petite size‍ may not fit well for taller individuals.
3. Versatile for both professional and casual occasions. 3. Slightly expensive compared to other blazer options.
4.⁤ Flattering fit for petite, standard, and plus sizes. 4. Some users ⁢reported issues with the buttons.
5. Provides a polished and put-together look. 5. May require alterations for a perfect fit.


Unveiling the Calvin Klein Women's Lux Blazer:<br title= Petite, Standard, & Plus, it’s a workwear must-have!”>
Q: What sizes are available for the Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux Blazer?
A: The Calvin​ Klein Women’s Two Button⁢ Lux​ Blazer is available in three⁣ different sizes: Petite, ‌Standard, and Plus. We understand that every body is unique, which is why we strive to ⁤offer a range of sizes ⁣to accommodate all​ women. Whether you’re petite, standard, or‌ plus size, you can find the perfect fit ⁣for you.

Q: ⁣Can you ‍provide the dimensions and weight of the blazer?
A: Absolutely! The package dimensions of‌ the Calvin Klein⁢ Women’s​ Two Button Lux ⁣Blazer are 16.54 x 12.87 x 2.99 inches. As for the weight, it weighs ⁢approximately 1.14 pounds. We want to ensure that you have all⁤ the necessary information to make an informed ⁣decision before purchasing.

Q: What is the item​ model number and department of this‌ blazer?
A: The item model number⁤ of⁤ the Calvin ⁢Klein Women’s ‍Two Button Lux Blazer is 887345054963. This information is useful ​if you need to refer⁤ to the specific model when contacting customer service or searching for the blazer online. Additionally, this blazer falls under the department of women’s fashion. It is crafted with women’s needs and style in mind.

Q: When was this blazer first available?
A: The Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux Blazer was first available on September 3, 2019. It has since become a staple in the world of workwear fashion. With its timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship, this blazer has garnered positive⁣ reviews and become a go-to choice ‍for​ many professionals.

Q: Who is the manufacturer of this blazer?
A: The manufacturer of the Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux Blazer is Calvin Klein. ‌Known for their high-quality, sophisticated fashion ​pieces, Calvin Klein has established itself as a trusted brand in ‌the industry.⁤ With their attention to detail and commitment to style,​ they have ‍created a ⁢blazer that⁤ exemplifies elegance and professionalism.

Q: What is the ASIN number of this blazer?
A: The ASIN⁢ number of the Calvin‌ Klein Women’s Two​ Button Lux ⁤Blazer is B00HHGRHD8. This unique identifier makes it easier for you ⁣to ‍search for this blazer on ⁢various online platforms. It‌ ensures that you can find the exact product​ you are⁣ looking for without any confusion.

We hope that these answers ‍have provided you⁣ with the information you were seeking about the ⁣Calvin Klein ‍Women’s Two Button Lux‍ Blazer. If you have any‍ further questions, please‌ feel free to⁢ reach out to us. We’re here to⁤ assist you in making⁤ the best‍ fashion choices for your workwear collection!

Unleash Your True Potential

Unveiling the Calvin Klein Women's Lux Blazer:<br title= Petite, Standard, & Plus, it’s a workwear must-have!”>
And there you have‍ it,​ our in-depth review of the Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux ⁤Blazer in Petite, ‌Standard,‍ & Plus sizes. We hope you found our insights helpful and⁢ informative ⁢as you ‌consider adding this‍ workwear must-have to your wardrobe.

This blazer is truly a workwear essential, combining style, comfort, ​and sophistication in one package.⁤ With ⁢its two-button design and​ luxurious fabric, it exudes timeless elegance that will undoubtedly elevate your professional look. Whether you’re a petite, standard, or plus-sized woman, Calvin Klein has got you covered,​ ensuring the perfect fit ​for every body type.

The Calvin Klein ⁣Women’s ​Two Button​ Lux ​Blazer ‌is not only stylish but also practical. Its⁤ package ⁣dimensions and light-weight make it easy to ‌transport, while​ the high-quality materials ensure ⁣durability and longevity. It’s clear that Calvin Klein has put great thought into​ every aspect of this blazer, earning them their well-deserved ​reputation ⁢as a top brand in the fashion ⁤industry.

If⁣ this review has piqued your interest, ​we‍ invite you to check out this magnificent ‍blazer for yourself. Click here to explore more about the Calvin Klein Women’s Two Button Lux Blazer on Amazon and make it a staple in your workwear collection. ‍Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Click here to purchase the Calvin Klein Women’s⁢ Two Button Lux Blazer on Amazon now!

Make a statement with your ⁢work attire and experience the unparalleled elegance of Calvin Klein.

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