Get ready to take your construction projects to the next‍ level with the‍ DEWALT 12V MAX Laser Level! We recently had the opportunity to try out ⁣this professional-grade tool, and we were blown⁤ away by its performance. This green line⁤ laser offers a 360-degree, 3-way leveling capability that makes it perfect for a wide range of ⁤applications. Its cordless, ⁢rechargeable design ⁣adds to ⁣its convenience, while the over-molded housing ensures durability even in the toughest ‍worksite⁣ conditions. ​Join us as we dive into the details ​of the DEWALT ⁢DW089LG and discover why it should be a staple in every contractor’s ​toolkit.

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When it⁣ comes to precision and efficiency on the worksite, ‌the 12V MAX⁣ Green 3×360 Self Leveling Laser Level by DEWALT ‍is our top‌ choice. This innovative laser‌ level features green beam laser⁤ technology,⁤ providing clear, sharp lines for accurate measurements. With an integrated magnetic bracket with 1/4-inch ⁣and 5/8-inch ⁣thread, this laser level can be easily mounted‍ for hands-free operation.

The DEWALT laser level is not only durable, with an over-molded housing and IP65 debris/water resistance,‌ but also⁣ highly functional with features like Full Time Pulse Mode and Locking pendulum for⁢ added protection to internal⁤ components. Plus, with a Class 2 laser with an output ‌power of less than or equal⁢ to 1.50mW, you can trust the accuracy of this tool for your projects. Experience the ⁢convenience and reliability of this professional laser level ‍by DEWALT today!

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Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes ‌to the DEWALT 12V MAX Laser‍ Level, the​ green ⁣beam laser technology sets it apart from ‍the competition. This ⁤innovative feature provides​ better visibility compared to traditional red ​lasers, ⁤making it easier to see the laser lines ⁣even‌ in bright daylight conditions.‍ Additionally,​ the over-molded housing ‌and IP65 debris/water​ resistance ensure durability and longevity, even in ⁣harsh⁢ work environments.

Another standout feature of this DEWALT laser level is the integrated magnetic⁤ bracket with 1/4-inch and 5/8-inch thread, allowing for versatile mounting options. The Full Time Pulse Mode is ⁤Detector-to-Detector compatible with DW0892G (not included), offering‌ increased functionality. ​Plus, the locking pendulum helps prevent damage to internal⁢ components, adding to the overall ⁢reliability of this professional-grade⁢ laser level tool.

In-depth Analysis and Performance

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When it comes to an in-depth analysis of the DEWALT 12V‍ MAX Green Line⁤ Laser, we were thoroughly impressed with the innovative features and exceptional ‌performance ⁣it delivers. The green beam laser⁢ technology not only enhances visibility but also provides incredible accuracy, with a laser ⁣accuracy of plus or minus 3mm at 10m. The integrated magnetic bracket with⁢ 1/4-inch and 5/8-inch thread⁢ offers versatile mounting​ options, making it convenient for a⁢ variety of applications. Additionally, the full-time pulse mode compatibility with the ‌DW0892G detector further enhances the functionality of this professional laser level.

Moreover, the rugged design of‍ this ​DEWALT laser level ensures durability and reliability on the worksite. Its‍ over-molded housing and IP65​ debris/water​ resistance rating make ​it capable of withstanding harsh conditions. The locking pendulum ‍feature helps ⁤prevent damage to internal components, ensuring long-lasting performance. With a class 2 ‌laser output power of less than or equal to 1.50mW, this laser ‌level is not only powerful but also safe‌ to use. Overall,​ the DEWALT 12V MAX Green​ Line Laser proves to⁤ be a top-notch tool that delivers exceptional precision and performance for professionals in various industries. Click here to get your hands on this cutting-edge laser⁤ level!


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After‌ using the DEWALT 12V MAX Laser Level, Green Line⁤ Laser, we can confidently say that this⁢ tool has ‌exceeded⁤ our expectations. The green beam ⁤laser⁣ technology provides a clear, precise line for accurate leveling. Its over-molded housing and IP65 rating make it durable and able to withstand⁤ tough worksite‍ conditions. The integrated magnetic bracket with 1/4-inch and 5/8-inch threads allows for easy mounting, making our ​job much more efficient.

The DEWALT laser⁣ level’s locking‍ pendulum and full-time pulse mode are excellent ⁤features that contribute to the overall ease of use of this tool. Plus, with the 12V MAX‌ Lithium-ion battery, we never have to worry about running out of ⁣power in the middle of a project. The laser accuracy of plus/-3mm@10m ensures precise measurements‍ every time. Overall,‌ we⁢ highly recommend this DEWALT laser level for any professional or​ DIYer⁤ looking for a reliable and efficient leveling tool.

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Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have gathered feedback‌ from‌ various customers who have‍ purchased and used the DEWALT 12V MAX Green Line Laser. ‌Let’s take a look at what they ⁣had‍ to say:

Customer Review Rating
I’m ⁤a ⁣contractor‌ out of ​Arizona, and since⁣ I have bought this laser level, I have used it many times. I ⁤have‌ no complaints about ⁤the laser itself, I think it’s great, easy​ to use, visible, convenient, anything you could ask for in a laser. However, the receiver is the problem that I have with this product. The receiver seems to not ​receive ⁤a reading ​at times ​which causes me to make adjustments in ⁢the laser and receiver which is very inconvenient on the job site. I also feel that the receiver has a hard time to ‌hold level at​ times, perhaps‍ it’s too sensitive. Anyhow, DeWalt has done a ​fantastic job with‌ the laser,‌ tripod, battery life, and toolkit that includes many things that are very convenient and trustworthy; however, I am⁢ honestly, and sadly, dissatisfied and disappointed with the⁣ receiver. It is ‍almost embarrassing to‍ bring ‌this product out on the⁣ job site because it just won’t receiver ⁤or​ hold level. 5 star laser
2 star receiver
Great tool! I⁢ owe Bosch GLL3-80, the same type laser nivelier (3 beams⁢ 360 degrees just like this dewalt), but‍ when⁤ i⁢ was⁤ buying that i⁢ had no another​ option. There was no such from dewalt. Bosch is great except of 1 only thing, the beams it have are pretty weak. So it ‌makes it ‍absolutely impossible⁢ to use outdoor even in cloudy weather. Even indoor when it is ‌sunny and windows open, makes ​it ⁢impossible to see the lase. But i use to work outside sometimes⁣ so i need the tool to be as great and⁤ handy as this type of​ laser nivelier (3*360) but with stronger lasers. And this⁣ dewalt tool with‍ green lasers (!!) met those ⁤requirements. It indeed is better seen⁣ by‍ eye (the green one) so it was the reason i decided ⁤to buy this expensive one and ‌selling my Bosch one thing to mention, i cannot agree it is seen 4 times better ​than red one. The picture‌ i attach shows​ the comparizon‍ of dewalt with green lasers and bosch gll3-80 (i doubt u can find ⁢the vertical line near to dewalt line on the ​wall, about 1 ​inch to the right, ⁤but⁢ with an eye not on⁤ the photo it is seen slightly better) but the red laser dewalt dw089k (the ‌one not 3-360 beams) is seen much ⁣better than ‌bosch too, maybe a slightly worse‍ than⁢ this green ⁣lasered dw089lg. So the story about 4⁤ times better seen is​ just trick, but still⁤ it is‌ much better⁤ than‍ bosch 3-80
I see other people taking time ​out‍ to write thoughtful reviews and I⁣ hardly do so I will try here. ⁣I will⁣ tell ‍on myself. ‌I have been in construction since 1969, mostly ‌framing large apartment projects. ‌We seldom have need for lasers, as‍ we do all our layout old school. I bought this laser for personal use building my own home‌ and I plan to ⁤build and a back-yard pergola. I ⁣tell you this because despite my construction background ⁢I am no laser expert. I bought this because (1) ⁤I thought I would be able to see​ the​ green ​lines at least 16-20’, but even on ⁣dark cloudy⁣ day could not see more than⁢ 3 ‍feet, ‍even with supplied glasses. Inside it⁣ was like a ⁣light⁣ show, magic. So, ⁢I will‌ use this laser with receiver⁤ outside to get ⁣my ‌level lines but don’t⁢ see how I can ‌use it ​to square up. (2) Because I already own tons of DeWalt ⁣20-volt‍ tools
PROS I see
• This lW089LG laser⁤ is built very​ rugged.
• The ⁣green ‌laser is much easier to see ‍inside than the red ones we have at jobsite
• The DeWalt⁢ 20-volt rechargeable battery is⁤ a big reason⁣ I ​got it as I ​hate ‌replacing batteries in anything.
• It has a tilt and twist⁣ feature that ‌I used after setting up‍ inside,​ that was great as did not have to move the tripod to‌ get my⁤ plumb line to a certain point,
• My favorite is the 360 projection, as I have setup in middle⁤ of room and‌ get plumb and ​level lines from floor to‍ ceiling Magic ⁤
• I cannot see how this lW089LG can make small ⁢adjustments up and‌ down.
• ‌It s bigger than I thought it would⁤ be, but that is okay.
• I cannot see laser line​ on a slab⁢ in daylight or cloudy condition. This will pay off for⁣ me when inside running chair mold, stairs, cabinets, lights and paneling, ⁤etc. If I was going to get a laser for slab and site work I would go with a rotary.
satisfaction 100%
Bought this laser for framing layout at the jobsite and am very happy with it. I bought ​this to upgrade from the DW089K Dewalt laser and its performance is definitely superior but ​not better in ​all aspects.‍ After a couple weeks⁣ of ‍use my‌ verdict is that the DW089LG​ is better​ for wall layout but for tiling you’re better off using‍ the DO089K (see con’s for details).
‌- The construction of the laser is very‍ sturdy.⁢
– Laser lock function protects the laser from going off plumb or‍ level during transportation. Just remember to unlock it during use! ‌
-‌ The rechargeable battery is a big plus and it prevents one from having to make last minute ​runs for AA batteries (these always run out at the worst possible⁢ time).
– 360 projection is super handy for tall⁤ spaces ‌such as stairs. It also makes ⁤framing more accurate since the laser can be placed in the center of a room.
– The laser line DOES remain smaller at distances over 25FT.
– Does note have a ​micro adjustment dial ‍the ​DW089K laser ⁤offers. This does slow aligning to marks⁣ a bit.
– Way bulkier than the DW089K, again for⁢ wall layout it’s not a problem ‍but for tiling ‍a bathroom it can get in the ⁤way
– Magnetic wall mounting base⁤ doesn’t grab the laser ⁣that tightly so it’s easy to bump the laser off ‍alignment
This works very‍ well for small to⁤ medium jobs. My house is only 600 sq. ft. so this laser ⁣is perfect for me. It works outside in the sunlight as well but at distance becomes hard to see (expected from this laser) This is not for large construction projects. I mount it on a photo tripod, it works really well. Battery‌ life is excellent. If you leave it‍ on continuously it will probably run ‌for a few hours on a full charge.
Got⁣ this for⁣ job, don’t hesitate no more this is it Quality made materials and very helpful on site
is perfec
Só vem lazer sem acessórios
Excelente producto
The price is good⁢ for this product and it works well.
This laser is the best one I’ve⁣ purchased. It is the most expensive in ​tge dewalt lineup but you can tell why. The green light is very ⁤clear to see even in daylight. ⁤I use ⁤it ‌for all my tiing layouts. You can carry up your⁢ layout from the floor to the ceiling ‍and be 100% square everywhere. ⁢I am so ⁢happy I bought it. Customers look at me like I just created fire when⁣ I‌ turn it on. You ​can⁤ never go wrong buying a tool like this one. It will pay ⁢itself off.⁣ Id give it 6 stars ⁣if I could.⁣ The time youll save laying out your jobs will pay this tool off within no time guaranteed.

Based on the reviews, it⁤ is clear that‌ the‍ DEWALT 12V MAX Green Line Laser has its strengths and weaknesses. Customers have praised its rugged construction, easy visibility indoors with the green laser, ⁢as well as the ‌convenience of ⁣the rechargeable⁣ battery and ⁢360 projection feature. However, some have voiced concerns about​ issues with the receiver, the size of‍ the device, and difficulties with outdoor visibility in certain conditions.

Overall, it‍ seems that the ⁤DEWALT 12V MAX Green​ Line Laser ⁤is a reliable tool for various ⁤construction projects, with many customers satisfied with ⁣its performance and features.

Pros ⁤& Cons

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Pros‍ & Cons


Green beam laser‌ technology
IP65 ​debris/water resistance
Integrated magnetic bracket
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Locking pendulum for protection


May be expensive⁤ for ⁢some users
Green laser may be harder to see in bright light
Some users may find the⁢ 360 degree ‍feature unnecessary


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Q: Is ​the DEWALT ⁤12V MAX Green Line Laser easy to use⁤ for beginners?

A: Yes, the DEWALT 12V MAX ‌Green Line Laser is​ designed with user-friendly ‍features that‌ make it easy for beginners to⁢ use. The self-leveling‌ technology ensures accurate results, and the integrated magnetic bracket allows for easy mounting on a variety of surfaces.

Q: Can the DEWALT 12V MAX⁢ Green Line Laser withstand⁣ tough⁣ working conditions?

A: Absolutely! The DEWALT 12V MAX Green Line Laser is built to withstand ⁢harsh conditions on the worksite. With its over-molded housing and IP65 debris/water resistance, this laser level can ⁣handle ⁤whatever you throw at it.

Q: How long⁣ does the ‍battery‌ last on the DEWALT 12V MAX Green Line Laser?

A:​ The DEWALT 12V MAX Green Line Laser features a 12V MAX Lithium-ion rechargeable ⁤battery that provides long-lasting power. This cordless ‍and rechargeable feature ensures that you can work‍ uninterrupted for extended periods ‍of time.

Q: Can the DEWALT 12V MAX Green Line Laser‌ be used with a detector?

A: Yes, the‌ DEWALT 12V MAX Green Line Laser‌ has a Full-Time Pulse Mode that is ⁤compatible with the DW0892G detector (sold separately). This​ allows for increased visibility‌ in bright light ⁢conditions ‌and over longer distances.

Q: What is the accuracy of the DEWALT 12V ⁣MAX Green Line Laser?

A: The DEWALT ‍12V MAX Green Line Laser has an impressive laser accuracy of plus/-3mm@10m. This ensures precise measurements and accurate results for all your leveling needs.

Ignite Your Passion

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In conclusion, the DEWALT 12V MAX Green Line Laser is ⁤a game-changer​ when it comes to precision and efficiency on the worksite. With its green beam laser technology, over-molded housing, and debris/water resistance, this ‌professional laser level is truly a step ‍above the rest. Don’t settle⁤ for anything less than ultimate accuracy – upgrade to ​the DEWALT 12V MAX Green ⁤Line Laser today!

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