Small Soft Facial Tissues: High-Quality, Disposable, and Eco-Friendly!

Welcome to our ⁣product review blog post! Today, we will be sharing ​our first-hand experience with the 10 Packs Soft‌ Small Facial Tissue. This disposable facial napkin is made from wood pulp fiber material, providing a soft and comfortable experience. With its 4-ply construction and 280 ⁤sheets⁤ per‍ pack, totaling 2800 sheets, this facial tissue is an excellent choice for various uses. ‍Whether it’s for your⁢ family, friends, lover, children, or the ⁣elderly, this high-quality paper towel is versatile and reliable. Its size of 6.7 x 4.65 inches makes ⁤it perfect for‌ wiping ⁤hands⁤ or mouth ​and removing stains. Made from native wood pulp fiber instead of⁢ cotton non-woven fabric, these facial tissues‍ are 100% degradable and more environmentally friendly. The convenient packaging and one-at-a-time dispensing make it easy‍ to access the tissues whenever needed. The softness of these facial tissues adds an‌ extra ‍level of comfort. You can place them in your ‍room, toilet, car,⁤ office, living room, kitchen, or even your handbag. ⁣With its disposable and tasteless nature, this facial tissue is a practical option for everyday use. Join us as we delve further into the features⁤ and benefits of the 10⁤ Packs ⁢Soft ⁣Small Facial Tissue.

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In our review of⁤ the⁣ 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue, we found that ⁣these‍ facial napkins are a great addition to any ⁤household. Made from⁣ native wood pulp fiber, these disposable facial‍ tissues are not only eco-friendly and 100% degradable,​ but​ also ‌incredibly soft ⁤and ‌comfortable to use. The 4-ply design ensures strength and durability, while ‌the compact size of each tissue makes it convenient to carry around.

The ⁤packaging of these facial tissues is well-designed and easy to open, allowing for one-at-a-time ‌dispensing. Each ⁢pack contains 280​ sheets, and with​ 10​ packs in total, you’ll ⁤have a generous​ supply of ⁤2800 sheets. Whether you’re using them for yourself,​ your family, friends, children, or the elderly, these facial tissues are a versatile choice. They can be used ​to wipe hands and mouths, remove stains, and ‍maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

With dimensions of 6.7 x 4.65 inches for ⁤each tissue and 4.65 x 3.35 x 1.8 inches for each pack, these facial tissues are the perfect ‌size for various applications. Their softness and comfort are unmatched, making them ⁢ideal for‌ those who prioritize a gentle touch. Additionally, the compact size allows you to easily store these tissues ⁣in your room, toilet,‍ car, office, living room, ⁤kitchen, or even your handbag. Get your 10 Packs Soft⁢ Small Facial ⁢Tissue⁤ now and experience the convenience and⁤ quality for yourself by visiting⁢ our Call to Action⁣ link!

Product Features and⁤ Description

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In need‌ of soft facial ⁢tissues that are ‌gentle on your skin? Look no further! Our 10 Packs Soft ⁤Small Facial Tissue is the perfect‍ solution for you and your loved ones. Each pack ⁢contains 280 sheets, offering a total of 2800 sheets to keep you well-stocked. ‍

Crafted from high-quality native‍ wood pulp fiber, our facial tissue is 4-ply ‍and does not contain cotton ⁢non-woven fabric. This makes it more environmentally friendly and⁤ 100% degradable. Not only is it eco-conscious, but it⁤ also provides a comfort touch and is incredibly soft ‍on ⁤the skin.

The ⁢compact ‌size of each tissue, measuring at 6.7 x⁢ 4.65 inches, allows for easy storage ⁤in various⁤ locations. Whether you keep them ‌in your⁢ room, office, car, or even your handbag, you’ll ‌always⁤ have ​them​ within reach. The well-designed and easy-to-open⁣ packaging offers one-at-a-time dispensing, ensuring convenience and preventing wastage.‌

Perfect for the whole family, our ⁢facial tissue is ideal ⁤for children to wipe their hands or mouth and keep them clean and healthy. Additionally, it‌ can be used​ to remove stains effectively. ⁤Its disposable feature saves you time and ‌effort, making it a practical choice for‌ any occasion.

Don’t compromise on‍ softness when it comes to‌ choosing the right facial tissue. Our 10 Packs Soft ‌Small Facial Tissue is ‍your best choice! Say goodbye to rough and⁢ irritating tissues ​and hello ‌to​ the ultimate ⁢comfort. Click here to get your hands ⁣on this‍ must-have product today!

Detailed Insights and Review

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In our⁤ detailed review⁣ of the 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue, we found that these tissues are‌ made from native wood pulp fiber, which​ sets them apart ⁤from traditional cotton non-woven fabric. The packaging ‍is thoughtfully‌ designed, with a convenient bag format that allows for⁤ easy, one-at-a-time dispensing. Each pack contains 4-ply tissues, providing⁢ a high⁤ level of ‌absorbency and strength.

One of the standout ‍features of these facial ⁣tissues is their ​versatility. They can be used as disposable facial napkins, towels, or​ even as napkins for children. The soft and gentle⁤ texture makes them perfect for wiping hands or mouths, ⁢removing stains, and maintaining cleanliness and‍ hygiene.⁢ Plus, with their ‍compact size of​ 6.7 x 4.65 inches, these tissues are portable and can be easily stashed in your room, ⁣car,‍ office, or handbag.

What sets these premium facial ⁢tissues apart is their⁣ commitment to environmental⁤ sustainability. Made from 100% degradable native wood pulp fiber, they are a more eco-friendly choice compared to cotton non-woven fabric options. Additionally, ⁤these tissues are​ made to be soft, comfortable, and tasteless, ensuring a pleasant experience‌ with every use.

Overall, the 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue offers a reliable and​ convenient⁢ solution for all your facial ⁢tissue needs. With their impressive absorbency, compact ⁣size, and‍ environmentally friendly materials, they ⁣are a great choice for your family, friends, children, and​ elderly loved ones. To⁣ experience the comfort and convenience for yourself, ⁤click here to purchase them on ⁤Amazon.


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When it comes to facial tissues, we⁢ highly recommend these 10⁣ Packs Soft Small Facial Tissues. Made of high-quality native wood pulp fiber, these tissues are ⁤soft, gentle, and⁣ perfect for all skin ⁢types. Whether you’re wiping your hands, removing stains,⁣ or simply keeping ‌yourself clean and healthy, these facial tissues are your best choice.

One of the standout⁢ features ​of these facial tissues is their size. Each tissue measures 6.7 x 4.65 inches, providing ample coverage for all your needs. Additionally, the packaging is ⁢incredibly⁤ convenient, with each⁣ tissue pack measuring 4.65 x 3.35 x 1.8 ⁣inches. You can easily take these tissues with you wherever you go, whether it’s ⁢in ​your room, car, office, or even your handbag.

Furthermore, these tissues are not only soft ⁣and​ disposable, but they are also 100% degradable and environmentally friendly. Made from native wood pulp fiber, they are a sustainable choice for those who‍ care about the planet. And with each‍ pack containing 280 sheets‍ and a total of 10 packs, you’ll have‌ more​ than enough to last you a long time.

In​ conclusion, if you’re looking for soft, high-quality facial tissues that are gentle⁣ on your skin⁤ and the environment, look no further than ​these 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissues. ⁢Don’t miss out‌ on the opportunity to try them for yourself. Visit our​ website to order now! ⁢

Customer ‌Reviews⁣ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

As a team, we understand the importance of customer​ feedback when⁤ evaluating a product’s performance and⁣ quality. In this section, we ‌will dive into ⁣the customer reviews for the​ 10 ‌Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue and provide ⁤our⁣ analysis.

Positive Reviews

  • Very fits daily use and no ‌wasting
  • Used as facial ‌tissues

Negative Reviews

  • They smelled very very mildewy ‍and musty! It was awful. So they were used as ‍toilet ​paper!!!
  • There’s⁣ no‍ way there are 260 sheets in this small package. It’s tiny too.
  • In fact, I looked at the picture and thought it was a⁤ normal size, but it turned out⁢ to be‍ small when I received it
  • Too expensive. Tissue too small.
  • Too small and too thin, totally unworthy

Our Analysis

From the customer reviews, it is evident that there ⁤is a mixed bag of experiences with these facial tissues. Let’s break it down:

<li><strong>Positive:</strong> Some customers found these facial tissues to be suitable for their daily needs, with no wastage.</li>
<li><strong>Negative:</strong> Several customers expressed dissatisfaction due to various reasons such as unpleasant odor (mildewy and musty), smaller pack size than expected, high price for the small size, and the tissue being too small and thin.</li>


While there are positive reviews highlighting the functionality of these facial ⁤tissues, the negative feedback regarding odor,‌ size, and price cannot⁣ be ignored. It’s crucial for‍ us as customers to consider ⁤these ‌factors before ​making ‍a‌ purchase decision.

Please note that individual experiences‍ may vary, and our analysis is based on the available customer feedback. We recommend thoroughly assessing ⁣your requirements and ⁢considering‍ both positive and​ negative reviews to make an informed​ choice.

Pros & Cons

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  1. High-Quality: These facial‌ tissues are made of premium native ⁤wood pulp fiber, providing ‌a ⁢soft and comfortable touch.
  2. Eco-Friendly: The materials used in these ⁤facial tissues ⁣are ⁢100% degradable, making​ them ‍more environmentally friendly compared to cotton non-woven​ fabric.
  3. Disposable: These facial napkins⁤ are disposable, making them⁢ a convenient​ option for everyday use.
  4. Tasteless: The facial tissues are ‌tasteless,⁤ ensuring a‍ clean and pleasant user experience.
  5. Convenient Packaging: The facial tissue⁤ bags are well-designed ⁣and ‌easy to‍ open, allowing for one-at-a-time dispensing.
  6. Multi-Purpose: These facial tissues can be used for ⁣various purposes such as wiping hands or⁢ mouth, removing stains, ⁢and keeping‌ clean and healthy.
  7. Compact Size: The size ​of each⁢ tissue and package is compact, making it easy to carry and store in different‌ locations.


  1. Limited Quantity: Each‌ pack contains only 280 sheets, which may not be sufficient for users ⁣with​ high tissue ⁤usage.
  2. Not Ideal⁤ for Allergies: ⁢Since ‌these facial tissues ‌are made of wood ⁤pulp fiber, individuals with allergies to wood-based products ⁣may need ⁤to consider alternative options.


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Q: Are these ⁣facial tissues made of cotton?

A: No, these facial⁢ tissues are ⁣not made⁤ of cotton. They are made of native wood pulp fiber, which makes⁣ them more environment-friendly.

Q: How many sheets ⁣are there in each pack?

A: Each pack contains ⁢280 sheets ​of facial tissue, ​giving ‍you a ⁢total ⁢of 2800⁤ sheets in‌ the 10-pack.

Q: What is‍ the ⁣size of each tissue?

A: The size of each tissue is 6.7 x 4.65 ‍inches, providing a decent surface area for effective use.

Q: Can these⁤ facial tissues be used to wipe‍ hands and mouth?

A: Absolutely! These high-quality facial tissues are suitable for wiping‍ hands, removing stains, and keeping you clean‌ and⁢ healthy.

Q: How soft are these facial tissues?

A: Softness is⁤ an essential⁣ feature⁣ of these ⁢facial tissues. If⁣ softness⁢ is important to ⁢you, then these tissues will be the perfect choice.

Q:‍ Are these facial tissues disposable?

A: Yes, these facial ​tissues are disposable. After ⁤use, you can simply discard them, making them convenient⁣ for‌ on-the-go use.

Q: Are these facial tissues ​tasteless?

A: Yes, these facial tissues are tasteless, ensuring that they do not leave any unpleasant flavor on your skin.

Q: Can these facial tissues be‍ used in various settings?

A: Absolutely! You can put these facial tissues ‍in your room, toilet, ‌car, office, living room, kitchen, or even your handbag for easy access whenever needed.

Q:‌ Are these facial tissues packaged in a box or bag?

A: These small,‌ soft facial​ tissues are packaged in a bag for your convenience. The bag ⁤is​ well-designed and allows⁢ for easy one-at-a-time dispensing.

Q:⁣ Are these facial ​tissues​ eco-friendly?

A: Yes, these facial tissues are made of high-quality ⁣native wood pulp fiber,⁣ making them 100% degradable and more‌ environmentally ⁢friendly compared ​to ⁤cotton non-woven fabric. ⁣

Elevate Your Lifestyle

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And there you have it, ‍our review of the 10 Packs Soft Small Facial Tissue!⁤ We couldn’t be⁣ more pleased with the quality, convenience, and‌ eco-friendliness of these facial napkins.

When it comes‌ to disposable facial tissues, it’s important to find a product‍ that checks⁢ all the boxes. And this one certainly does. Made from native wood pulp fiber, these tissues are ⁤not only soft and comfortable to use, but they are also 100% degradable and ‌environmentally friendly.

The packaging is well-designed and easy to⁢ open, ​ensuring that‌ you can dispense one ⁤tissue at a time without any hassle. Each pack⁢ contains 280 sheets, offering you​ a total of 2,800 sheets to keep you and your loved ones clean and healthy.

The compact size of each tissue makes it perfect for carrying with you on the go. Whether‍ it’s in your room, car, office, or⁤ even‌ your handbag, these facial tissues are a convenient solution for any situation. And with their high-quality material and 4-ply construction, you can ‌trust that ​they’ll​ get the job done effectively.

If softness is ⁤a priority for you, then these facial tissues are definitely the best choice. They ​are gentle on the skin, making them ⁤suitable for children, the elderly, and everyone in between.

So ​why wait? Experience the comfort and convenience of these small soft facial tissues for yourself.⁣ Click here to get your pack today and say ⁣goodbye to inferior facial ⁢napkins.

Thank⁢ you for joining us on this review journey. We hope it has been informative and helpful. Remember, ​when it comes to taking care of yourself and‌ your loved ones, don’t compromise on quality. These small soft facial tissues are the perfect solution.

Stay clean, stay healthy, and keep smiling!

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