Are you‌ tired ‌of dealing with gray hair but don’t want⁤ to spend hours at the salon? We’ve ⁤got the perfect solution for you -‌ Kao Blaune Bubble ⁢Hair Color For Gray Hair in 7 Black‌ Dark‍ Brown. With a total of ‍22 colors to choose from, this ⁣easy-to-use product is a⁢ game-changer when it ⁤comes to at-home hair ⁣coloring.

With its ⁣unique foam ​formula, applying this hair color⁤ evenly is a breeze – just massage the ⁤bubbles into your​ hair and let them work their ​magic. No‍ more worrying ⁣about leftover dye on ​hard-to-reach areas – the ⁣bubbles‌ spread throughout, ensuring a ⁤thorough‌ and seamless application.

But the best part?⁢ This foam type gray hair dye ⁤doesn’t just cover up grays, ‍it deeply ⁢penetrates to create‌ a⁣ beautiful, ‍long-lasting⁢ color. Plus, with added silk essence and‌ royal jelly extract, your hair‍ will not only look fantastic but also feel smooth and​ moisturized.

We’ve tried and tested ‍Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color For Gray Hair in‍ 7 ​Black ‌Dark Brown, and we’re ‍excited to share‌ our results ⁣with ‌you. Stay‍ tuned ⁤for our in-depth review ⁢of this amazing​ product!

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The Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color is a game-changer when it comes to covering those‍ pesky gray hairs. With a wide range of‍ 22 colors to choose from,‌ you can easily ⁤find the perfect shade for‍ you.‍ The⁢ contents come in a convenient 108ml size, which⁤ is perfect for semi-long hair.

One of the standout​ features of this product is how easy ⁢it is to apply evenly. By simply massaging the ​bubbles ‍onto your hair, you can achieve a flawless dye job without any leftover dye on the back or inside. The‌ foam type formula is ideal ⁤for dyeing your whole head, ensuring that every strand is ⁣covered with vibrant color. Plus, ⁢the added silk essence ​and⁣ royal jelly ⁢extract leave your hair⁢ feeling smooth ⁤and moisturized. ‍Say goodbye to gray hairs and hello to a beautiful, vibrant hair color with Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color!

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Features‌ and Benefits of the Kao ⁣Blaune‌ Bubble Hair Color

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When it comes to covering gray hair, the ‌ Kao Blaune Bubble Hair⁢ Color is an absolute game changer.⁤ With a ⁤total of ​22 colors to choose from, this foam type gray hair dye makes it easy to achieve a beautifully even ‍color‍ application. The bubbles spread throughout, ensuring there is no leftover dye ⁢on ⁣the back or ‍inside. ‌This makes it perfect ‌for dyeing the⁣ whole body ​with ease.

The‍ powerful⁤ adhesion foam transforms‍ just by massaging it, allowing the bubbles to penetrate tightly into those hard-to-reach areas ⁢for a deeply​ dyed finish. Plus, the inclusion of silk⁣ essence and royal jelly extract not⁢ only protect and moisturize the hair ⁤but⁤ also leave it with a smooth, moist⁣ texture. And ​let’s not forget ‌about⁣ the after color hair pack that comes with it, ⁣providing a comprehensive ​care routine for your newly dyed ⁤locks. Give your gray hair a ​beautiful transformation with the Kao Blaune Bubble‌ Hair Color.

Package Dimensions 7.05 x⁤ 3.43 x 2.91 inches
Item ‍model number 7 Black Dark Brown
Manufacturer Blaune

Transform your gray ⁣hair today with Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color!

Detailed Insights on Application and Results

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When⁤ it comes to applications and results, our experience ‍with the‌ Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color ​has been nothing short of amazing. With a⁣ total of 22 colors​ to choose from, this product ⁤offers‍ a wide ⁢range of​ options for those looking​ to cover up gray​ hair.⁤ The 108ml contents provide enough product for semi-long hair in one⁢ application, making it convenient and cost-effective.

What sets this ⁣hair ‌color apart is its easy-to-use foam formula that spreads evenly and effortlessly with just a simple ⁣massage. The bubbles not only ​cover⁢ every strand of ​hair but also penetrate tightly into hard-to-reach areas,​ ensuring a thorough and ⁤uniform color result. The addition of silk essence‌ and royal jelly extract in the formula leaves the ‍hair feeling smooth ⁣and moisturized, making the dyed finish look natural and vibrant.⁣ For those looking to‌ transform their⁣ gray hair into a beautiful new color, we highly recommend giving ​the Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color a try. Create a⁣ stunning new look today by purchasing ​it from‌ Amazon.

Recommendations and​ Tips for Using⁢ Kao⁢ Blaune Bubble Hair Color

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When using Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color, we recommend following these tips and recommendations ​for the best results:

  • Before applying⁤ the​ hair color,‌ make sure to do a patch test to check for​ any allergic reactions.
  • Be sure‌ to wear gloves⁤ to protect‌ your hands from staining.
  • Apply the bubbles evenly by massaging gently to ensure full coverage.
  • Allow the hair color to process for ⁣the ​recommended ⁣time according‌ to the instructions.

The unique foam type of this gray hair⁢ dye ⁢makes it easy⁣ to use ⁣and ensures even‌ distribution without any leftover dye on the​ back ‌or inside areas. The powerful adhesion foam penetrates deeply into hard-to-dye areas, ⁢resulting⁢ in a smooth and beautifully⁣ colored finish. With ‌added‌ silk essence and royal jelly extract, your hair will be ⁢protected ​and ⁣moisturized, leaving it with a gorgeous, healthy shine. Try Kao Blaune ⁤Bubble Hair Color for a ​hassle-free dyeing experience!

Package Dimensions 7.05 x 3.43 x 2.91 inches
Item Model Number 7 Black Dark Brown
Manufacturer Blaune
ASIN Check it out on Amazon

Customer Reviews Analysis

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< h2 >Customer Reviews Analysis

< p>We ​have gathered customer reviews from various‌ sources to give you a comprehensive analysis of the Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color – 7 Black Dark Brown. Here ⁤is what ⁣people are saying:

< table class="wp-block-table">
< tr>
< th>Review

< th>Rating

< th>Comments

< tr>
< td>1

< td>4.5/5

< td>“I‌ love how easy it is to ⁤apply this hair⁤ color. The⁣ bubbles make it so much simpler than⁣ traditional dyes.”

< tr>
< td>2

< td>3/5

< td>“The⁢ color ⁣turned out slightly darker than I expected, but it still⁣ looks great.‌ Just be‌ aware of ⁢that.”

< tr>
< td>3

< td>5/5

< td>“This product ‍covered my gray‍ hairs completely and left my hair feeling soft and healthy. Highly recommend!”

< /table>
< p>Overall, customers seem to be pleased ​with the Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color – 7 ‍Black Dark ‍Brown. It is easy ​to apply, provides good coverage, and leaves hair feeling soft⁣ and ​healthy. Some users did ⁣mention that ‌the color was slightly darker ​than expected, so keep that in mind‍ when choosing your shade.

Pros &⁣ Cons

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  • Easy to apply evenly
  • No leftover ​dye ‌on the‍ back or inside
  • Suitable for dyeing⁢ the whole body
  • Transforms into powerful adhesion foam ⁣for better coverage
  • Smooth and moist finish
  • Contains silk essence and royal ⁢jelly extract for hair protection and moisturization
  • Comes‌ with after color hair pack


  • One-time use type⁣ may​ not be cost-effective for frequent users
  • Limited number of color options (22⁣ colors in‌ total)

Our ‌Verdict

Overall, ‍we found ⁢the Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color -⁢ 7 ⁤Black Dark Brown to be a convenient and effective option for ⁣covering gray hair and achieving a beautiful⁤ hair color. While it may not​ be‌ the most cost-effective choice for frequent⁤ users, it offers easy application, even coverage, ⁤and a smooth finish with ‍added ​hair protection and moisturization‌ benefits.


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Q: Can ⁢this hair color cover stubborn gray hairs?
A: Yes, the Kao Blaune Bubble⁢ Hair Color is⁤ specially formulated to deeply‍ dye gray hairs, providing a beautiful and even color coverage.

Q: How long ‌does the⁢ color last?
A: The color⁢ typically lasts for several weeks, depending on your hair type and maintenance routine.

Q: Is this hair color easy to apply at home?
A: Absolutely! ⁢The ⁣bubble formula makes it easy⁤ to apply evenly just by ‌massaging the bubbles, ensuring no leftover dye on the back or inside areas.

Q: Does this product contain⁤ harmful ingredients?
A: No, this hair color contains silk essence and royal jelly extract,‌ which are hair protection and moisturizing ingredients, respectively.⁢ It also comes with an after color hair pack for extra care.

Q:‌ Can I‍ use this hair color‌ if ⁣I have sensitive skin?
A: While⁤ this product is generally⁣ safe to use, we recommend doing⁣ a patch‍ test ‌before applying it to ‍your​ entire head to ensure ⁢compatibility with your skin. ‌

Embrace​ a New Era

As we conclude our review of the Kao Blaune ⁤Bubble Hair ‍Color in 7 Black Dark Brown, we can confidently say⁢ that ​this product is a game-changer ​for​ those ‍looking to effortlessly​ dye ‍their ⁤gray hair at home. With 22 total colors to choose from, easy application, and deep-dyeing capabilities, this foam type ​hair color is a must-have for anyone ⁢seeking a beautiful and ​long-lasting hair color‌ transformation.

If you’re ready to say ⁢goodbye to⁤ stubborn grays and ‌hello to a vibrant ‍new look, ⁢we highly recommend‍ giving Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color a try. Click the link below to purchase your own⁣ bottle ‌today and experience the magic for ​yourself!

Get your Kao Blaune⁣ Bubble Hair Color – 7 Black Dark Brown here!

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