Welcome to ‍our review of the MasterChinese ​DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy! As enthusiasts of Chinese culture and traditions, we were excited to try out this set that includes 10 sets of ‍red rice paper for creating traditional Chun Lian couplets. With left,​ right, and top pieces ⁣measuring 6×41 inches and 6×27.6 inches respectively, we were⁢ impressed by the quality of ⁣the half-done rice paper which ⁤did not discolor ⁣over time. This DIY ⁣blank version allows for personalization and creativity, making it a perfect addition to any Chinese New Year celebration. Join us as we explore the details and experience of using this unique and festive product!

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When ⁤it comes to getting ready for the Chinese New Year Party, these DIY blank couplets are a must-have for adding ⁣a touch of tradition and⁢ elegance to ⁢your decorations. The red rice paper is of excellent quality, made from half-done rice paper that has⁢ been around for 10000⁣ years. This ensures that your couplets will not discolor over time, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Each pack includes 10 sets ‍of couplets for the left, right, and top, allowing you to create ‌beautiful calligraphy ⁤designs for 7 vertical characters.⁣ The size of ​the‍ paper is perfect for displaying in your home, with the left and right pieces measuring 17×104 cm and the top piece measuring 17x70cm.​ Whether you’re a calligraphy pro or just starting out, these DIY couplets ⁢are a fun and creative⁣ way to⁣ bring good luck and ⁢prosperity into your‌ home for the new year. Get yours today and start customizing ‌your own unique decorations!

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Beautiful Traditional Chinese New Year Decor

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Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with these beautiful⁣ DIY blank couplets perfect ​for parties and calligraphy enthusiasts. The red rice paper adds a​ traditional touch to any space, bringing​ good luck and prosperity for the new year. Each set includes 10 sets for the left, right, and top sections, allowing⁢ for ‌endless creativity in creating your‍ own Chun Lian.

Crafted from high-quality half-done rice paper of 10000⁣ years (Xuan paper), these couplets are durable and won’t discolor over time.⁣ The size of each section is perfect for displaying 7 vertical characters, making them the ideal decorative⁤ piece for your Chinese ⁤New Year ⁣celebrations. Don’t miss⁣ out on ‍the chance to add ‌a touch of elegance to your home​ this festive season ‌- get your own set now and start ⁢creating your personalized decorations for a memorable⁣ Chinese New ‍Year! Order yours here!

Easy DIY‍ Calligraphy Project for All‌ Ages

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Looking for a fun and creative DIY calligraphy project that’s perfect for all‍ ages? ⁤Look no further than the ⁢MasterChinese⁣ DIY Blank Couplet for Chinese New Year Party⁣ Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper! This set includes 10 sets of blank red rice ⁤paper, allowing you to unleash your creativity and write your own meaningful messages or couplets. The paper is made of⁣ high-quality Xuan paper, ensuring a smooth writing surface that won’t⁤ discolor over time.

With dimensions of 17×104 cm for the left ⁣and right pieces, and 17×70 cm for the ⁣top piece, you have ​plenty of space to write up to 7 vertical characters⁤ on each set. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced calligrapher, this DIY project is ‌a great way ⁤to practice ‍your skills and create beautiful works of art. So why not grab ⁤a ⁣set today and start your own calligraphy masterpiece? ‌

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High-Quality‌ Materials for Authentic Experience

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When ⁣it comes to creating authentic Chinese New ⁣Year⁢ decorations, using high-quality materials is essential for an⁣ immersive experience. The MasterChinese DIY ‍Blank Couplet set truly delivers on this front, with‍ its exceptional red rice paper made from Xuan paper that is half done‌ for over 10000 years.⁢ This not only ensures durability but also⁢ adds a touch of tradition to your⁤ calligraphy efforts. The paper doesn’t discolor over time, preserving your writings beautifully.

Included in each set are 10 blank ‌red rice paper sheets, providing you ‌with plenty of space to create stunning couplets for the festivities. The dimensions‍ of the paper for the left, right, and top sections are generously sized, allowing for intricate ​and detailed calligraphy work. Whether you are a seasoned calligrapher or a ‍beginner looking to try your hand at this​ art form, ⁢the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet set is a perfect choice for bringing an ​authentic touch to your Chinese New Year decorations. Experience the joy of creating your own⁣ personalized couplets by getting ⁣your hands on this high-quality set today! Check it out here.

Recommendation and ​Final Thoughts

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After testing out ‍the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet for ‍Chinese New ⁤Year‌ Party⁢ Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice Paper,⁤ we can confidently say that it exceeded our expectations. The quality of the rice paper is impeccable, and the fact ⁣that it doesn’t discolor over time is a major plus. Each set includes precisely measured pieces for the left, right,‍ and top sections, making ⁤it easy to create ‌a beautiful and traditional‍ couplet for the ⁤New ‌Year celebration.

We were impressed by the ​size of the rice​ paper, which allows for ample ⁢space to write seven vertical characters. The DIY blank version gives us the creative freedom to customize the couplet to our liking. Overall, we highly recommend this ​product for ‌anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their ⁢Chinese New Year⁤ decorations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ​create something truly special!

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Customer Reviews ⁢Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After gathering feedback from customers who⁤ have purchased the MasterChinese DIY Blank Couplet ​for Chinese New Year Party​ Calligraphy Chun Lian Red⁢ Rice⁤ Paper,‌ we⁢ have compiled a​ list of their reviews for your⁣ consideration.

Review Rating
Big and‍ thick enough. Comfortable to write. but I should order ‍the smaller size. Anyway,recommend! Positive
These papers are beautiful! So⁢ beautiful, we decided not to use them for this year’s Chinese New Year’s⁣ calligraphy practice, and used cheaper red rice papers instead. We will ⁤save them for display use ⁢next year, once ‍we are more confident in our calligraphy skills. Positive
We bought several ‌different types of couplet paper ​for Chinese New Year, these were the most difficult to write on. Calligraphy ink does ⁢not adhere well ⁢on ⁤it. Negative
The paper handled ink well. seemed it that was good ⁤quality sized Xuan. the alignment of pattern was perfect. But ⁤odor was ​a​ very strong solvent type‌ smell. Can not recommend this because of odor. Have fans running on it after doing New Years brushwork. Hope smell dissipates. Negative
Used this in ‌an elementary school class Chinese New ‍Year party to make chun lian (spring couplets). The paper is ​a good strength (thicker than tissue paper) and the calligraphy ink we used⁣ didn’t leak through. Positive
These ​are very good quality and great for traditional Chinese calligraphy. We used them for Chinese New Year decorations. Positive
Nice product. Positive
I don’t⁣ know what kind of paper it is but it seems like sized Xuan paper. The color is a deep bright red,⁢ as ⁤expected. The gold shows through when you write on it, and the circular patterns ‍help you align characters. Most‌ importantly, though, I’m glad this is available⁤ here on Amazon ⁣and Prime eligible. I had such‍ a hard time finding red paper ‍like this. Positive

Overall, it seems that the MasterChinese⁤ DIY Blank Couplet for ‌Chinese New Year Party Calligraphy Chun Lian Red Rice ⁣Paper has received mixed reviews from ⁣customers. While some​ users appreciate the quality and traditional aspect of the paper for their Chinese New Year celebrations, others‍ have raised concerns about issues such as ink adhesion and strong odor. It is important⁤ to consider these factors when making​ a purchasing decision.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • High ⁢quality‌ Xuan paper: The rice paper included in the set is of excellent quality, perfect for calligraphy.
  • DIY blank version: ⁣You have the freedom to write your own messages or blessings on the couplets,‌ making them unique ⁢and personalized.
  • Doesn’t discolor: The rice paper is durable and does not discolor over time,​ ensuring that your couplets‍ will look good for years to come.
  • Includes 10 sets: There are enough couplet sets included in the package for you to decorate your ⁣home or party ​space beautifully.


  • Requires calligraphy skills: Since the‍ couplets are blank, you ⁣will need at ⁢least basic calligraphy skills‍ to write⁤ on‍ them neatly.
  • May not be suitable for beginners: If you⁢ are new ⁣to calligraphy, you may find it challenging ‍to write on​ the rice⁤ paper effectively.
  • No pre-printed‍ designs: Some users may prefer ready-made designs​ instead of having to come up with their own calligraphy for the‌ couplets.


Q: How ⁢many sets are included in⁢ this DIY Couplet package?
A: This DIY Couplet package includes 10 sets for the left, right,⁤ and⁤ top, allowing you to create 7 vertical characters for ​each‌ set.

Q: What are the dimensions ⁤of the red rice paper included in this set?
A: The left​ and right pieces are 17×104 cm (6×41″),⁢ while ⁣the top piece‍ is ⁣17×70 cm (6×27.6″).

Q:⁣ Is‌ the rice paper of good quality?
A: Yes, the rice⁤ paper included in this set is made of Xuan paper, known for ​its excellent quality and ‍longevity.⁣

Q: Does the‍ red rice paper discolor over time?
A: No, the rice paper included in this DIY ‍Couplet set does not discolor,⁤ ensuring that your Couplet remains vibrant and beautiful for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Q: Is the DIY Couplet easy to write on?
A: Yes, ⁢the DIY Blank⁣ version of this Couplet allows you to easily write‌ on the red⁢ rice paper, making it a fun and personalized activity for your Chinese New Year party.

Q: Can ⁤you reuse this DIY Couplet for future celebrations?
A: While the rice paper is ‍of high ‌quality, it is recommended to ​create a ⁣new ‌DIY Couplet for each Chinese New Year​ celebration to ⁤keep the tradition ‍alive and ⁣fresh.

Transform⁣ Your World

As we wrap up our‌ review of the MasterChinese DIY Couplet, we can’t help but be impressed⁢ by the quality and beauty of this product. With its stunning red rice paper and traditional design, it’s the​ perfect addition to any Chinese New Year celebration.​

Whether you’re looking to add some festive ​flair⁢ to your home ⁢or want to impress your guests ‌with ⁣your calligraphy skills, this DIY couplet is sure to be a hit. And with 10 sets included, you’ll have more than enough to go around.

So why wait? Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with the MasterChinese DIY Couplet! Click here to purchase your own set today and make ⁢this ⁣year’s festivities truly special. ⁣

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