Lansinoh LatchAssist: Your Solution for Flat Nipples!

As new parents navigating the messy yet magical world of motherhood, we understand the struggles that come with flat or inverted nipples. That’s why we were excited to try out the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter. This‌ innovative‌ tool⁤ gently draws ​out inverted or flat nipples, ⁢making​ it easier for our ⁤little one to latch and breastfeed. With two flange ⁤sizes included (19mm and 24mm) to ensure the perfect fit, we found the Lansinoh LatchAssist to be a game ⁢changer in our breastfeeding journey. Not to ​mention, the protective case provided‌ ensured cleanliness and⁢ portability, making it a convenient‍ accessory to have on-the-go. Stay tuned for our ⁣full review of the ⁣Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter and how it has helped us on our breastfeeding⁣ adventure.

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Looking for a solution to flat or inverted nipples? The Lansinoh LatchAssist ‍Nipple Everter is a game-changer. With gentle suction that⁢ you control, this tool helps draw out your nipples, ⁢making ‍it ‍easier for your baby to latch and breastfeed.

With two‍ flange sizes included, you can find the perfect⁤ fit to reduce friction and irritation. Easy to use and clean, this dishwasher-safe product ⁢is BPA and BPS‌ free. Plus, the convenient protective case ensures cleanliness and portability wherever you go.

Don’t let breastfeeding ‌challenges hold you back. Try ⁢the Lansinoh‌ LatchAssist Nipple Everter and ⁤make⁤ your breastfeeding journey a breeze. Click here ⁢ to⁤ get yours now!

Innovative Design and⁣ Versatility

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When it comes to , the​ Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter truly shines.‍ This handy tool ‌gently ⁤draws out flat or inverted nipples, facilitating an easier latch for your little one. The best part? You can control the suction level, ensuring your comfort throughout the process. With two flange sizes included (19mm ⁢and 24mm), we guarantee a proper⁤ fit for reduced friction or irritation. Say goodbye to​ frustration and hello to seamless breastfeeding sessions.

Not only is the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple ‌Everter ⁢easy to use, but it’s also a breeze to clean.⁤ Dishwasher safe and free from BPA and BPS,‍ this ⁢tool​ prioritizes hygiene and safety. Plus,‌ the protective case adds an ​extra layer of cleanliness and portability for‍ on-the-go ‍convenience. Trust us,‍ this product is‌ a game-changer for new ⁣mothers looking to make breastfeeding​ a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Ready to simplify your breastfeeding journey? Click here to get your hands on the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter now!

Effortless Usage and Comfort

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When it comes to during⁢ breastfeeding, the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter is truly a game-changer. This innovative tool gently draws out inverted or flat nipples,⁤ helping​ to make it easier for your baby to latch and ⁢breastfeed. The best‍ part? You’re in control of the suction level, ensuring your utmost comfort ⁢throughout the ⁢feeding ‌process.

With two flange sizes ⁣(19mm and 24mm) included, you can rest assured that‌ you’ll find the perfect fit ⁢for your needs. We love that this tool is not​ only easy to use but also easy to clean – simply pop‌ it in the dishwasher for quick and⁤ convenient maintenance. And with ⁢the added bonus of a protective case for cleanliness and portability, this‍ tool is a must-have for any breastfeeding mom looking to make their ⁣nursing​ experience ‌as smooth⁤ and comfortable as possible. Experience the ‌difference for ​yourself and check‌ out the​ Lansinoh ⁣LatchAssist Nipple Everter on Amazon today!

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

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In conclusion, the Lansinoh LatchAssist ⁣Nipple Everter ⁢has‌ proven to be a⁣ valuable tool for breastfeeding mothers‍ facing challenges with flat or inverted nipples. The gentle suction provided by this device allows for easy and controlled use, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. The inclusion‍ of two flange sizes ensures a proper fit, reducing any potential friction or irritation. The dishwasher-safe feature‍ and BPA and BPS free materials make it easy ‌to clean and safe⁢ for you and your baby. The added ‌convenience of‌ a⁣ protective case further enhances the portability and cleanliness of this product,⁣ making it a ‍must-have for ‍nursing⁣ mothers.

With nearly 40 years of expertise‍ in providing essential products for breastfeeding mothers, Lansinoh continues to deliver reliable solutions that support new parents on ⁣their journey ​through motherhood. Their commitment to quality⁤ and ⁤sustainability is evident in the design and​ functionality of the LatchAssist Nipple Everter. If you are experiencing difficulties with latching or need‌ assistance with inverted nipples,⁣ we highly recommend trying out the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple​ Everter for a smoother and more comfortable breastfeeding experience.⁣ Click here ⁣to get yours ⁤and say goodbye to breastfeeding ‌struggles: Buy Now.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Looking ‌at ‌the customer reviews for ⁣the ⁢Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple ​Everter, we can see ‍a‌ range ‌of experiences from users:

Positive ⁢Reviews:

“A holy grail item for breastfeeding! Made my experience so much easier and enjoyable.”
“Guided me through nursing my child successfully for almost⁢ 4 years. A must-have tool!”
“Handy tool to ‍assist baby in latching. Simple and effective.”
“Excellent product that met my expectations.”

Neutral/Negative Reviews:

“Helpful⁢ with flat nipples, but didn’t work well enough for baby to latch without a shield.”
“Messy to use, especially during letdown. Still prefer using a shield for⁣ comfort.”
“Expensive and temporary solution. Nipple goes back to being flat quickly.”

Pros & ⁣Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Gentle Suction
2.⁤ Perfect Fit
3. Easy to Use & Clean
4. Convenient Protective Case
5.​ Helps Babies Latch


1. May⁤ not work for all individuals
2. Requires manual suction control

Overall, the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter is a helpful tool for individuals with flat or inverted nipples, providing gentle suction, the perfect fit with two ‌flange sizes, ‌and easy cleaning options. While it may not work for everyone and requires manual suction control, it can⁣ be a ​convenient solution for breastfeeding challenges.


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Q: How⁣ long should I use the Lansinoh LatchAssist ⁢Nipple Everter for each session?
A: We‌ recommend using the LatchAssist⁣ Nipple‍ Everter for about 1-2 minutes per session, or until you feel your nipple has been gently drawn out.

Q: Can I use the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter while pregnant?
A: We recommend consulting with⁤ your ‌healthcare provider ⁤before using any products during ​pregnancy. ⁣

Q: Is the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter easy to clean?
A: Yes, the LatchAssist Nipple Everter is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Q: How do I know which flange size to​ use?
A: The Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter​ comes⁢ with two flange sizes​ (19mm and 24mm) to ensure a proper‌ fit. We recommend trying both sizes to see which one is the most comfortable for ⁢you.

Q:‍ Can the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter help with pain while ⁢breastfeeding?
A: The LatchAssist Nipple Everter is designed to help draw out flat or inverted nipples to ​make it easier for your baby to latch. If you are experiencing pain while breastfeeding, we recommend‍ consulting⁤ with a lactation ‍consultant or healthcare provider ​for additional support and guidance.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

We hope you⁤ enjoyed learning about the‌ Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter and how it can be your solution for ⁢flat nipples! This versatile ⁤tool is designed to make ⁣breastfeeding easier for you and your baby, with⁤ gentle ⁢suction and‌ the perfect flange sizes ⁤included. And with its easy-to-use and clean design, you’ll have one ⁤less thing to worry about in your breastfeeding journey.

Don’t let flat or inverted nipples hold you back – try the Lansinoh LatchAssist​ today and see the difference for ‌yourself!

Ready to give‍ it a try? Click here to get your Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter now!

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