Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery: Superior Power for All Your Needs!

Welcome to our product review blog post, where we ‌are⁤ excited to share our first-hand experience with the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell⁤ Battery. As enthusiasts in the 12V ​industry, we have always ‍been on the lookout for ⁢innovative aftermarket solutions that deliver ‍exceptional‌ power. Established in 2003, Kinetik​ quickly⁣ became a pioneer in this field,​ earning a devoted⁤ fan base that continues to push them to expand ⁤their power offerings.

What sets ‍Kinetik apart is their unwavering commitment to providing‌ power ‍solutions not just for vehicles, but also​ for various other applications such as ⁤motorcycles, jet skis,⁢ ATV’s, UTV’s, snowmobiles,⁢ and beyond. ‍With such a wide range of uses, Kinetik has become a trusted and proven brand for the most⁢ radical power needs.

Now, let’s⁤ dive⁢ into the specifics of the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery. This‍ powerful ⁤battery boasts an impressive 800W max support, ensuring that ⁢it can handle ‍demanding power ​requirements with ease. The 3/8‌ inch threaded⁣ terminals make installation a breeze, providing ​a secure and stable connection.

One of the standout features ‍of this power ‌cell battery is its advanced ‌AGM (Absorbent Glass ⁤Mat) technology.‌ AGM batteries are known for their enhanced performance and⁤ reliability, making⁤ them ideal for applications that require ⁣consistent ⁤and efficient power delivery. With this technology, Kinetik ensures that their battery‌ not only meets but exceeds the expectations of⁢ power-hungry⁣ enthusiasts like us.

In ⁣conclusion, ⁤the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power‍ Cell Battery is a game-changer⁤ in the‍ world of​ aftermarket power solutions. With its impressive power capabilities,‌ ease⁢ of installation, and advanced AGM⁤ technology, it is clear why Kinetik has become ⁣the go-to brand for those ‌seeking uncompromising power. Stay​ tuned⁢ for our in-depth⁣ analysis ​and review of this remarkable​ product.

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Overview of the Kinetik HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery

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At Kinetik, ⁤we have been leading the way in aftermarket power solutions since 2003. Our commitment to providing ⁣top-notch power products has garnered us a loyal‌ and dedicated fan base. We have expanded our offerings beyond 12V vehicle electronics to meet the⁤ power needs ‍of motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, and more. When it ‍comes to a reliable and powerful battery, compromise is not an option. That’s⁣ why ⁢we recommend the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) ⁣Black Power Cell Battery.

The HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery⁢ is a powerhouse with⁣ a⁤ maximum support of 800W. It is designed with advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology,‌ ensuring⁤ optimal performance and reliable power delivery. The threaded terminals, measuring 3/8 inch, make installation a‌ breeze. ​With ‌this battery, you can trust ‌that⁣ your ​power needs⁤ will ⁤be ⁢met efficiently and⁣ effectively. Don’t settle for⁤ anything ‌less than the best⁤ when it comes to power. Experience the proven performance of Kinetik by clicking here to ⁢get your own HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery​ on ⁣Amazon.

Highlighting the Key⁤ Features and Advantages of the ‌Kinetik HC800-BLU Battery

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The Kinetik HC800-BLU Battery is a true game-changer in‍ the 12V power industry. ‌With⁣ its advanced AGM technology and 800W ⁢max support, this battery takes aftermarket solutions to a whole new level. Here⁣ are some of⁢ the ⁤key features and ⁣advantages that set⁣ the⁢ Kinetik HC800-BLU Battery apart from the ‍competition:

  1. Cutting-Edge AGM Technology: The Kinetik ‍HC800-BLU Battery utilizes advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, ensuring optimal power storage and delivery.‍ This technology⁤ not‌ only enhances the battery’s performance but also⁤ provides⁤ superior resistance to vibration and shock, making it ideal for rough off-road adventures⁣ or marine applications.

  2. Impressive Power Output:⁣ With a powerful 800W max support, this⁤ battery delivers reliable⁤ and consistent power to meet‍ even the most ​demanding power needs. Whether you’re​ powering up ​your ‍vehicle’s ‍aftermarket electronics or⁤ enjoying ‌a thrilling ride on your ATV or snowmobile, the Kinetik HC800-BLU Battery has got you covered.

  3. Easy​ Installation:‍ Equipped ​with⁣ 3/8 inch threaded terminals, the Kinetik ⁤HC800-BLU Battery ensures a ⁢hassle-free installation ​process. Say goodbye to‌ complicated setups and hello to convenient​ power solutions that get you ‌up​ and‍ running​ in no time.

  4. Versatile Application:⁤ Kinetik has⁤ expanded its power‍ offerings beyond 12V aftermarket vehicle electronics to various other ​vehicles, including motorcycles, jet skis, UTVs, and more. No matter what your power needs are, the Kinetik HC800-BLU Battery is designed to deliver exceptional⁤ performance and reliability.

Don’t compromise on power when you can have the best. Get the Kinetik HC800-BLU Battery today and experience the difference. Order now from Amazon and take⁤ your power needs to‌ the next level.

In-depth Analysis and Performance ‌Insights of​ the Kinetik HC800-BLU Black Power​ Cell Battery

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When it⁤ comes to aftermarket power solutions‍ in the 12V industry, Kinetik stands out as the pioneer. Established in 2003, they have been​ continuously expanding their power ⁣offering‌ to cater not only to​ vehicle electronics needs but also to motorcycles, jet⁤ skis, ATV’s, ⁤UTV’s, snowmobiles, and beyond. This kind of⁣ commitment and‌ expertise sets Kinetik apart from the rest.

The Kinetik HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery, in particular, is a​ testament​ to the brand’s dedication to providing radical power. With a maximum ‍support of 800W, this ⁣power cell battery⁤ is a powerhouse in⁤ its⁤ own right.⁤ But what truly sets it apart is the ⁣advanced AGM technology it employs. This technology ensures ⁤that the battery has‌ a longer lifespan, ⁤as well ⁣as improved⁢ performance ⁣and reliability.

But the features don’t stop there. The 12 Volt battery also comes with⁤ 3/8 inch threaded terminals, making installation a breeze. ‌No need to worry about complicated wiring or connections. With these terminals, you can conveniently hook up your‌ battery and start experiencing ⁣its power.

Overall, the Kinetik HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery‍ is a top-notch product that delivers on‌ its‍ promises. With its impressive power support, advanced AGM‍ technology, and easy installation, it’s clear that Kinetik has once again raised the bar in the industry. Don’t compromise on power, go ⁢with the proven and ⁤trusted brand. Upgrade your power needs with Kinetik. ⁣Experience unrivaled performance by purchasing ‌the Kinetik HC800-BLU⁢ Black Power Cell Battery today!

Specific ⁤Recommendations and Considerations for the Kinetik‌ HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery

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When considering the Kinetik HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery, there are ⁢a few⁤ specific recommendations and considerations that we’d like ​to highlight.

  1. Advanced AGM Technology: ​This battery⁤ features advanced AGM⁤ (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, which offers several advantages. AGM batteries are known for their exceptional cranking power, ⁤longer lifespan, and resistance to vibration. These features make the Kinetik ⁣HC800-BLU an excellent choice for high-performance vehicles and off-road applications.

  2. 800W Max ⁤Support: With a‍ maximum power support of 800W, this battery ‌is designed to handle ⁤even the most demanding audio systems and aftermarket electronics. Whether you’re a ‌car enthusiast looking to upgrade your sound system or a ⁣powersports enthusiast needing reliable power for your accessories, the HC800-BLU has you covered.

  3. 3/8 Inch Threaded Terminals: The Kinetik HC800-BLU comes equipped with 3/8 inch threaded terminals, making‌ installation quick and easy. The threaded terminals ensure a secure and reliable ⁣connection, minimizing the risk of⁢ loose connections or power loss.

  4. Versatility: While this battery is designed with ‍aftermarket vehicle electronics in mind, it’s worth noting that it can ⁢also be used in a variety of other applications. From motorcycles ⁢and jet‌ skis to ATV’s, UTV’s, ​and snowmobiles, the HC800-BLU offers versatility, allowing you to power your adventures beyond ⁤just 12V needs.

In conclusion, ‌the Kinetik ⁣HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery ​stands out as ​a reliable and high-performance option in the ⁣12V industry. With its advanced AGM technology, impressive power support, threaded terminals, and‌ versatility, it’s clear why Kinetik is a trusted brand among enthusiasts. Don’t compromise on⁣ your‍ power needs; get the Kinetik HC800-BLU Black Power Cell Battery today and ​experience the ⁣difference.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

Here, ⁢we will take a closer look at some customer ⁢reviews ‌for the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery. These reviews provide​ valuable‌ insight​ into the performance and ‌reliability ‍of this battery.

Review Rating Comments
“Ran this in my Polaris Rzr. Lasted about 3 ⁤years through tons of abuse. Vibration,⁤ water, heat and worked‌ great to power my stereo.” 5/5 This review highlights the durability and performance of ⁢the battery in extreme conditions. It successfully ⁤powered a stereo system ⁢and lasted ​for ‍an⁢ impressive three years, despite facing various challenges.
“After 8 months on limited use this battery exploded. I called the number on ‍the battery and the manufacturer directed me to Amazon customer support to resolve ​the issue. ‍There is no ⁣recourse ⁢through Amazon.⁢ Pure junk with no support.” 1/5 Unfortunately, this customer had ⁣a‍ negative experience with the battery. After only eight months​ of limited usage, it exploded. They​ found it difficult to receive support, as the manufacturer directed ‍them to‌ Amazon customer support without ‍a ‌satisfactory⁢ resolution. They ultimately view this battery as poor quality with no support.
“This battery lasted​ all of 6 mths. I ​ran ⁢it with a smart battery dual ⁢setup. I’m ​not sure⁢ if the battery ⁢killed my voltage regulator or dual ⁤smart battery‍ setup did.” 2/5 This customer⁤ had a mixed experience⁤ with the battery. Despite​ using a smart battery dual setup,⁢ they suspect that ‍the battery may have contributed to issues⁣ with their voltage regulator. It only lasted for six⁢ months, ⁤leaving them uncertain about the‍ specific cause of‍ the​ problem.
“I‌ bought this ‍Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery to replace the one originally installed​ in ⁣2009 as‍ an auxiliary ‌/ backup battery for my 2600 Watt Infinity / JL Audio⁣ stereo system in my then new 2009 Honda Accord ⁢EX-L V-6 with Nav system. I am only ​now ⁢replacing it as it ​went south and ⁢took my car⁣ battery with it, draining it ⁤dry. ‌So,​ gotta say it was dependable and certainly long lasting.” 4/5 This customer‍ had a positive experience with the battery. They purchased it as ⁢a replacement for an older battery‌ and found it to be ⁤dependable and‍ long-lasting. However, they did mention that it ⁣eventually failed and drained their ⁢car battery, prompting the need for a replacement.
“Needs this keeps your car‍ audio system pumping and your car batteries ⁣life last longer” 5/5 This brief review highlights the benefits of using the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power⁢ Cell Battery. It emphasizes that it helps keep the car audio​ system running⁤ smoothly and ⁤extends the life of the car battery.

Overall, these reviews provide a mix of positive and negative feedback. The battery’s ability to ⁤withstand extreme conditions and power a‌ stereo system is praised‍ by some customers. However,‌ there are also​ reports ​of the battery ⁤failing prematurely and lacking‍ adequate ⁢support channels for resolution.

Ultimately, ⁣it’s⁣ important to consider these reviews and weigh the pros and ⁤cons before‍ making a​ purchasing decision. ⁤While the battery may offer superior‍ power ‍and longevity for some, others ‍have not had such ​positive experiences.

Pros & ‍Cons

Pros & Cons: Kinetik (HC800-BLU) ‍Black Power Cell Battery


1. Superior power output
2. Reliable performance
3. High maximum support for 800W devices
4. Threaded‌ terminals for easy installation
5. Advanced AGM ‌technology for enhanced durability

We have tested the‍ Kinetik⁤ (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery and ‌found⁢ several ‌advantages that make it stand out from its competitors.⁢ Here are the pros we found:

  1. Superior power output: The Kinetik​ Black Power Cell Battery provides outstanding power ⁤that can meet the demands of all your electrical needs. Whether you’re powering aftermarket vehicle electronics, motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, or any other 12V devices, this battery can handle it with ease.
  2. Reliable ⁢performance: With Kinetik’s proven ⁢and trusted brand, you can be confident in the battery’s performance. It delivers consistent ⁢power output, ensuring a reliable power source for your devices.
  3. High maximum support for 800W devices: ⁤The battery’s impressive maximum ⁤support of 800W allows you‍ to⁢ power even high-wattage​ devices without any compromise in performance.
  4. Threaded terminals for easy ‌installation: The 3/8 inch⁢ threaded ⁣terminals of the Kinetik​ battery make installation a breeze. You can quickly and securely connect your devices without any‌ hassles.
  5. Advanced ‌AGM technology: The Kinetik Black Power Cell Battery is equipped with Advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass​ Mat) technology, which enhances its⁢ durability and‌ extends its lifespan. This technology ensures superior performance in various conditions and ⁣protects against vibrations and shocks.


1. Relatively higher price
2. Not suitable for very low-power devices

While the ⁢Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery offers great features, there are a few downsides ⁣worth mentioning:

  1. Relatively higher price: Compared to some competitors,‌ the Kinetik battery may be slightly more expensive. However, considering its superior power and ⁤reliability, the investment is justified.
  2. Not ​suitable for very low-power devices: Due‌ to its high maximum support of 800W, this battery may ‌not be the best choice ​for extremely low-power devices. It is optimized for devices that require‍ substantial power output.

In conclusion, the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power ‍Cell​ Battery is a top-notch power solution⁢ for ‍various applications. Its superior ⁣power output, reliable⁣ performance, and advanced technology make it a ⁢reliable choice for powering your devices. While it may have a slightly higher price and be ​less ⁢suitable ‌for low-power devices, the benefits‍ outweigh these minor limitations. With Kinetik, compromising on power‍ is never an option!


Q: What sets the Kinetik ​(HC800-BLU) Black Power⁢ Cell Battery apart from other ‌power solutions in​ the‍ market?

A: At Kinetik, we take pride⁤ in being the ‍pioneer in aftermarket solutions for power​ in the 12V industry. Our years of experience and expertise have enabled us to develop ⁤a power cell battery that ⁣surpasses⁢ all others. The Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery is⁤ designed to meet ⁣all your power needs, whether it’s for your⁢ car,⁤ motorcycle, ATV, UTV, jet ski, snowmobile, or ⁤beyond. With 800W max⁤ support​ and advanced AGM⁤ technology, this power cell battery‍ guarantees superior performance and durability.

Q: Can‌ the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery handle high⁤ power demands?

A: Absolutely! The Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery is specifically ⁤engineered to‌ handle​ high power demands, making it the perfect choice for those who require ⁤a reliable and efficient power solution. With 800W max support, ​this power cell battery can​ deliver the power you⁢ need for any ⁣application, whether it’s running aftermarket vehicle‍ electronics or engaging ⁢in extreme off-roading adventures.

Q: How long does the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power ‍Cell Battery last?

A: The lifespan of the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery⁢ is impressive. Thanks ⁢to its advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology,​ this power‌ cell battery‍ offers exceptional durability and longer service life compared to traditional batteries. You can rely on its⁢ superior performance for extended⁣ periods, ensuring that your power needs are ‍consistently met.

Q: Is the installation of the Kinetik (HC800-BLU)⁤ Black Power Cell Battery complicated?

A: ⁢Not at all!⁢ We designed the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery to be ​user-friendly and easy to install. Its 3/8 inch threaded terminals allow for a hassle-free connection ‌to your power system. Whether you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice, you’ll find the installation process quick and⁤ straightforward so you can start enjoying the benefits of this powerful battery in no time.

Q: Can the⁣ Kinetik (HC800-BLU)‍ Black Power Cell Battery withstand extreme⁣ conditions?

A: Yes, it can! Our power cell battery is built to withstand even the harshest conditions. Whether you’re dealing with extreme heat, cold, or vibrations,⁣ the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery is designed to maintain optimal performance. So, whether you’re hitting the open road, ⁣exploring ⁣off-road terrains, or enjoying water sports, you can⁢ trust​ that this battery will continue to function ​reliably.

Q: Is the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black ​Power Cell Battery a ‌good value​ for money?

A: Absolutely!​ Kinetik is a proven and trusted brand in the power industry, and we always strive ‌to provide the ⁤best value ​for ‍our customers. The​ Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery not⁢ only‌ offers superior ⁢power and performance‍ but also boasts ‌an excellent lifespan. When you invest in⁢ this power cell battery, you ⁤are‌ investing⁢ in a reliable and long-lasting power ⁤solution that‌ will exceed your expectations.

Remember, at Kinetik, we believe that anything ⁢less than superior power is ⁣a ‍compromise. Choose the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) ⁣Black Power Cell Battery and ⁢experience the‍ difference for yourself!

Seize the Opportunity

In ⁣conclusion, ‍the Kinetik (HC800-BLU)⁣ Black Power Cell Battery is truly a‍ game-changer when ​it comes to providing superior power⁤ for​ all your⁤ needs. With over a decade of industry experience, ⁢Kinetik⁣ has ‌built a reputation as‌ the go-to‌ brand for power solutions.

Whether you’re looking to⁤ power⁢ up ​your​ vehicle, motorcycle, jet ski, ATV, UTV, or snowmobile, Kinetik has got you⁤ covered. ​Their advanced‌ AGM technology and 800W max⁤ support ⁢ensure that you never⁤ have to compromise on power​ again. And with‌ the 3/8 inch threaded terminals, installation ⁢is a breeze.

So why⁢ settle for anything less? Trust ‍the proven and ⁢trusted brand in power – Kinetik. Take your‍ power needs to the⁣ next⁢ level⁤ and choose the Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery.

Ready to experience the power? Click here to get ‍your very own Kinetik (HC800-BLU) Black Power Cell Battery on now!

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