Effortless Cleaning: How to Maintain Your Medela Breast Pump

Hey there, ‌mamas! Today, we ​want to share our experience with a game-changing product that⁤ has revolutionized our pumping routine – the Flange Inserts 17mm 6PCS Compatible ​with Momcozy ‌S9/S9pro/S10/S12/S12pro/Spectra/Medela/TSRETE 24mm Shields/Flanges Wearable Breast Pump. If you’ve ⁣ever struggled with getting the ​right ⁣fit while pumping, these ‍inserts⁣ are here to save the day. Keep ⁢reading to find out ⁤how these inserts have ⁣improved our pumping experience and why we can’t recommend them enough!

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When looking for a‌ way to make your breast pump work more⁢ efficiently,‍ these Flange Inserts are a great solution. Compatible⁢ with various breast pump brands like Momcozy, Spectra, and Medela, these inserts effectively‍ reduce the ⁢nipple tunnel size from 24mm to​ 17mm, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Made of food-grade silicone, they are safe, soft, and odorless, making them skin-friendly for both​ moms ​and babies. With ​easy one-step installation and removal, these inserts are also easy to clean,⁣ allowing ​you to wash them with warm soapy water after ⁤each use.

Choosing the right flange insert size for⁤ your pumping sessions is crucial for comfort and efficiency. These Flange Inserts come in‌ a ⁢set⁢ of 6 at 17mm each, perfect for ensuring a ​proper fit during ⁢pumping. ‌By reducing discomfort, ⁢nipple ‌soreness, and⁢ potential injury caused by incorrect fit, these‍ inserts can help you get more milk output without pain. If you’re looking to improve ​your pumping experience and ‌overall comfort, these Flange Inserts are a must-have accessory. Check them ‍out on ⁤Amazon to enhance your breast pumping routine today! Click here to learn more!

Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to compatibility,‌ these Flange ⁤Inserts are a jack-of-all-trades. They work ‌seamlessly⁣ with a wide⁣ range of popular breast ‍pump brands, ensuring a perfect‌ fit⁣ for Momcozy, Spectra, Medela, and many more. The reduction from 24mm ‌to 17mm ensures⁢ a ​comfortable and efficient‌ pumping‌ experience, boosting‍ milk output without any ‍pain or discomfort.

The food-grade silicone material is not only safe for both mom and baby ⁢but also provides a soft‍ and‍ snug​ fit for‍ maximum comfort. With easy installation and ⁢cleaning, these inserts are a breeze to use. Maintain hygiene by washing with warm soapy water after each use⁤ and⁣ sanitize with ease using ⁢water steam, boiling water, or microwave-steam bags. Say goodbye to nipple‍ soreness and⁤ irritation with these Flange Inserts​ that⁢ offer the perfect size for your ultimate pumping ⁤experience. Make sure to choose the right size for a comfortable and efficient pumping session ⁢every time.

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In-depth Analysis and​ Insights

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Our ​ of the Flange Inserts⁢ 17mm 6PCS reveal ‍a versatile and practical solution for mothers using Momcozy, TSRETE,⁣ Spectra, Medela, and other compatible breast pump models. ⁤These⁤ inserts ‍effectively reduce the​ nipple ⁤tunnel size from 24mm to 17mm, ensuring ⁢a snug‍ fit that promotes efficient pumping and‍ prevents discomfort and nipple soreness. Made of⁢ food-grade silicone,⁤ these inserts are safe, soft, and ​odorless, providing a comfortable experience for both the mother and baby.

Choosing the right size⁣ insert for pumping is essential for comfort and efficiency. The⁣ Flange Inserts 17mm*6pcs offer an​ easy, one-step installation and removal process, making them convenient for busy mothers. Additionally, ⁣these inserts are easy to ⁢clean after use, ⁤ensuring proper hygiene for the pumping ​equipment. With a focus on safety, comfort, and effectiveness, these flange inserts are a must-have⁤ accessory for‍ any breastfeeding mother looking ‍to optimize their pumping ‌experience.⁣ Don’t⁢ miss out on increasing your milk output⁣ without pain – get your Flange Inserts 17mm​ 6PCS today! ⁤ Check out the ‍product⁢ here.


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In our experience, these Flange Inserts have​ been a‌ game-changer when it comes‌ to pumping​ efficiency. The ability to reduce the nipple tunnel from 24mm to 17mm has ‌significantly improved our comfort ⁣and milk ‌output, making pumping sessions much more bearable. The soft, food-grade silicone⁢ material is not only safe for both mom and baby but also helps prevent ⁣nipple soreness and discomfort.

The easy installation and cleaning process⁢ make​ these inserts a convenient⁣ addition to ⁤our pumping routine. Being able ‌to choose the exact size‌ for our ⁣pumping needs has made a noticeable difference in⁣ overall efficiency and comfort. We highly recommend these Flange Inserts to any mom looking​ to optimize their pumping ⁤experience and maximize milk output without sacrificing⁢ comfort. Check‌ them out on Amazon​ for more details! Click here to view the product.

Customer ​Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for ⁣the Flange Inserts⁢ 17mm ⁣6PCS, we can see that users are highly satisfied with their purchase. Here are a few key​ points highlighted by customers:

  1. Great affordable replacement parts for Momcozy S9 & S12 ‍pumps.
  2. Value pack includes‍ sizes not normally included with most common‌ pumps.
  3. Perfect‍ size and fit, leading to overall satisfaction.

Pros & Cons

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Pros ‍& ⁣Cons


1. Compatible with a wide range of breast pumps
2. Effectively reduces ‍nipple tunnel from 24mm to 17mm
3. Made of food-grade silicone, safe and odorless
4. Easy to install and‌ clean
5. Helps improve⁣ pumping efficiency‌ and prevent discomfort


1. Not suitable for 27mm shield/flange
2. May need replacement‌ if parts‍ become deformed


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Q: Can these⁤ Flange Inserts fit with other breast pump brands​ besides the ones listed‍ in the product description?

A: Yes, the Flange Inserts​ are compatible​ with⁤ a wide range of breast pump brands including Momcozy, TSRETE, Paruu, Spectra, and ​many more. As long as⁢ the pump uses 24mm shields/flanges, these inserts should work effectively.

Q: How do I know if I need to use a 17mm Flange Insert?

A: If you ⁣experience discomfort, nipple soreness, or a low ⁤milk ⁣output while pumping ‌with a 24mm shield/flange,⁣ you may benefit ⁣from using ‌a 17mm Flange Insert. These inserts help create a snug and comfortable fit, improving pumping ⁢efficiency and preventing potential injuries caused by an incorrect fit.

Q: How often should I clean ⁢the Flange Inserts?

A: It is recommended to wash the Flange Inserts⁢ with warm soapy ⁤water and rinse well after each use. ‌Additionally, the inserts can be sanitized with water⁢ steam, boiling water, or microwave-steam bags. If the‌ inserts become deformed or yellowed after prolonged use,​ it is time to replace them for optimal performance.

Q: Can ⁣using the correct size‍ Flange Insert⁢ help ⁢increase milk‌ output?

A: Yes, using the right size Flange Insert can lead to a more comfortable‍ and ​efficient pumping‌ experience, which ​can help maximize milk output. Observing how your nipples⁤ look during ‌a pumping session and ‍ensuring they are ⁣not rubbing or feeling squished inside ⁣the flange tunnel is key to choosing the correct⁢ size ⁤for your pumping needs.

Seize the Opportunity

As ⁤we wrap⁤ up our review of ⁤the Flange Inserts compatible with various breast pumps, we hope you found‌ our ⁢insights helpful in maintaining your breast pump. Effortless ​cleaning and ⁣ensuring a proper fit are essential for ⁣optimal pumping sessions. Remember, choosing the right size for your pumping needs can⁤ make ⁢all the difference in your comfort and milk output.

If you’re interested in giving these Flange Inserts a try, click here to check them out on ‍Amazon: Flange‌ Inserts 17mm⁢ 6PCS Compatible with Momcozy S9/S9pro/S10/S12/S12pro/Spectra/Medela/TSRETE ⁢24mm Shields/Flanges Wearable Breast‌ Pump.

Happy pumping!

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