The Bell Towers publishes popular and compelling op-eds that offer insightful commentary on a wide range of legal and public policy issues relevant to our community’s passionate fight for the rights of life, liberty, and conscience. We host regular columns, as well as accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Types of Contributions: 

The Bell Towers has three levels of participation: Principals, Contributors, and Guests. Principals are expected to submit five articles in six months; Contributors are expected to submit only six articles in one year. In recognition of their time commitment, Principals will have their own bio page whereas Contributors will have a short bio on a shared page. Alternatively, Guests may submit articles, unsolicited or otherwise, as they will.

Submission Guidelines:

As a general matter, we suggest that all unsolicited submissions fall within 700–800 words and focus either on a legal controversy or a current question of public policy. Longer pieces will be accepted only on occasion, if and when we find it appropriate. We also ask that all prospective contributors remember that The Bell Towers’ mission is to orient society towards human dignity—what we interpret as respect for the fundamental rights of life, liberty, and conscience. Therefore, all submissions should in some way touch upon these three rights or upon those institutions necessary for these three rights to flourish. All submissions should be written in concise, easy to understand language that finds traction among both laymen and practitioners knowledgeable in the field. In addition, articles should not include footnotes. Rather, all references should be embedded via hyperlink or, when not possible, using in-line citation.

Please note that The Bell Towers accepts submissions written in either British English or American English.

Whom to Contact:

Anyone interested in becoming a regular contributor should contact Please include, if possible, a short summary of your qualifications, along with one or two sample writings.

All unsolicited submissions should be sent to Please include a short summary of the piece, along with the full body text. Authors of successful submissions will work with a member of the Editorial Board to finalize his or her article before publication.

If for some reason you are unable to email us,  please use the contact form provided on the Contact Page.